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Flare Fittings
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Number Size
MFMM14 1/4"
MFMM38 3/8"
MFMM12 1/2"
MFMM58 5/8"
Size:1/8"X1/4" 1/4"X1/4" 1/4"X3/8" 3/8"X3/8" 1/2"X3/8" 1/2"X1/2"
Size: 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8"
Size:1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8"
Number Size
MFRMM1814 1/4"X1/8M
MFRMM1438 3/8"X1/4M
MFRMM1838 3/8"X1/8M
MFRMM1412 1/2"X1/4M
MFRMM3812 3/8"X1/2M
MFRMM3834 3/8"X3/4M
MFRMM1812 1/2"X1/8M
MFRMM1234 1/2"X3/4M
MFRMM1458 5/8"X1/4M
MFRMM3858 5/8"X3/8M
MFRMM1258 5/8"X1/2M
MFRMM5834 5/8"X3/4M
Number Size
MFRMF1814 1/8"MX1/4"F
MFRMF1414 1/4"MX1/4"F
MFRMF3814 3/8"MX1/4"F
MFRMF3818 3/8"MX1/8"F
MFRMF1214 1/2"MX1/4"F
MFRMF1438 1/4"MX3/8"F
MFRMF3838 3/8"MX3/8"F
MFRMF3812 3/8"MX1/2"F
MFRMF3834 3/8"MX3/4"F
MFRMF1214 1/2"MX1/4"F
MFRMF3812 3/8"MX1/2"F
MFRMF1212 1/2"MX1/2"F
MFRMF1234 1/2"MX3/4"F
MFRMF5838 5/8"MX3/8"F
MFRMF5812 5/8"MX1/2"F
MFRMF5834 5/8"MX3/4"F
Size: 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8"
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