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2021 Sanfitec Skills Upgrading Final Examination

Sanfitec has organized training for all employees to improve their skills and conducted tests on the training content. The purpose is to improve employees' skills and knowledge, develop their intellectual potential and desire for innovation, enhance their quality control capabilities, improve corporate labor performance, and achieve good and rapid development for the company.

The main purpose of this training is as follows:

1. Improve the overall quality of employees, increase production efficiency of china brass fitting and service levels, establish a good corporate image, and enhance corporate profitability.

2. Help employees adapt to work in order to reduce errors, save time, and reduce employee turnover.

3. Demonstrate a clear position and the organization's expectations of individuals. Provide information regarding different positions and help employees understand clearly what they should do.

4. Enhance the stability of the company and reduce employee complaints.

Therefore, human resource strategy is the key to achieving the company's strategic goals and maximizing revenue. Scientific and reasonable arrangement of training is always the direction of the company's development since it can greatly improve employee's training, and it is also the goal of the company.