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An Inquiry Of Brass Part From European Customer

Hi Alice,

We wish to place a new order against our 2021 order forecast, We would like to order you directly for the next quarter, with a quantity of about 10 cabinets, Can you offer the best prices to us? Please check what’s your delivery time for it?

Dear Melissa,

Well received your inquiry, would you so kindly give me a list what you will be order firstly? And then we will check the best prices and delivery time to you. Thanks in advance. 


Sanfitec is a professional manufacturer of brass products, customized CNC machining parts, hot forging parts, brass pipings and fittings.

We have 6 excellent advantages:

1, High Quality products & competitive

More than 10 years production experience serving developed countries

2, High quality team -- Our quality requirements are very strict, from raw materials to packaging, every process is checked

3, products focus strategy

4, low cost advantage, we local Jiangxi Province and Ji a city, which is different from Zhejiang Yuhuan. In here, the labar cost is cheaper than Zhejiang. 

5, keep tax Operation (As we import copper scrap from abroad, we make brass bar by ourselves)

6, Stable and happy emplorees (Most of our company is local staff, so the staff is stable)