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Brass Compression Fitting

Brass compression fittings can be used in PEX-AI-PEX tubing as well. The brass compression fitting is used in many projects and applications such as for gas, chemical, and oil. They are used mainly for their ability to create a tight leak-proof seal. They are also used in hot and cold water faucets and toilet stop valves.

We have several brass compression fittings series, such as U type brass compression fitting, TH brass compression fitting, press fittings and so on, Superiority:

1, The serrated design of the head and highly contracted seal o rings provides supreme connection or the pipe and fittings.

2, The sleeve is made of stainless steel 304, designed in accordance with mechanical pressing formability and marked with diameter of the pipe. Observation holes ensure proper installation of the pipe.

3, The o ring is made of EPDM which is applicable to water and HNBR for fuel gas. Both meet HGFT 3091-2000 Standard.

4, The sleeve seat is made of PE, which fixes the sleeve and provides convenient press connection while the pipe inserts the sleeve.

The mainly connected pipe thickness is DN16 to match 2mm, DN20 to match 2mm, DN25 to match 2.5mm, DN26 to match 3mm, DN32 to match 3mm.

As one of the leading brass compression fitting manufacturers in China, we have types of brass compression fittings for sale, we also provide custom service, if you wanna make OEM brass compression fittings, feel free to contact us.

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