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Brass Manifold

Manifold is used to connecting the heating pipe in the water system. Manifold is used in floor heating and air conditioning systems and the material is usually brass. The manifold used in household table transformation of tap water supply system is mostly PP or PE material. The water supply and return are equipped with exhaust valves, many manifolds are also provided with drainage valves in the supply water. The front end of the water supply should be equipped with a Y type filter, each branch pipe of the water supply pipe should be equipped with valves to regulate the size of water.

Manifold is often used for:

1. In the floor heating system, the manifold manages a number of branch pipes, and is installed above the exhaust valve, automatic constant temperature valve, etc., generally use brass material. The diameter is small, mostly between DN25 and DN40. There are many imported products.

2. Air conditioning water system, or other industrial water systems, in the same management a number of branch pipes, including backwater branch and water supply branch, respectively, but its more than larger DN350 - DN1500, made of steel plate, as part of the pressure vessel professional manufacturing company, the need to install the pressure gauge thermometer, automatic exhaust valve, relief valve, exhaust valve, etc., A pressure regulating valve must be installed between the two containers, and an automatic bypass pipe must be used to assist

3. The use of tap water supply system and water distributor effectively avoids the loophole in tap water management, centralizes installation and management of water meters, and coordinates the use of single pipe and multiple channels, which reduces the cost of pipe purchasing, greatly reduces the construction time and improves efficiency. The tap manifold is directly connected to the aluminum plastic main pipe through reducing diameter, and the water meter is installed centrally in the water meter pool (water meter room), so as to achieve one meter for each household, outdoor installation and outdoor viewing. At present, the transformation of household tables throughout the country is being carried out in a large range.


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Material Advantages of Sanfitec Manifold

  1. Green and healthy: the use of high quality brass material, installed in the indoor, high temperature under the condition of environmental health.

  2. Safe and assured: A sealing ring is added between the ball valve and the main pipe of the manifold, with high quality anaerobic sealant sealing connection, double guarantee, strict safety.

  3. Beautiful and durable: equipped with a beautiful and durable side plate, the side plate surface is made of plastic spraying process, beautiful and generous, long time use

  4. Utility model: ball valve design adopts live connection type, the valve body Angle can be adjusted according to the user's use of special needs, reasonable structure, convenient installation, avoid the accident hidden danger of ordinary manifold, to bring users a more convenient and more practical new feeling.

  5. Reasonable installation: reasonable product design, combined manifold accessories interface staggered design, easy to install, make pipe reasonable layout, quick installation.

  6. Convenient transportation: the manifold adopts independent carton packaging, effectively avoid the manifold in the transportation process of scratches and bumps and other problems.

How to Choose the Brass Manifold

Manifold is an indispensable main material in the whole floor heating system. Its main function is to control the switch of each area and adjust the hydraulic balance, In the whole floor heating system, we call it vulnerable parts, so when choosing the manifold, we should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Good brass material determines the service life. At present, HPB59-1, CW617N brass material is recognized as good material in the market.

  2. Look at the wall thickness of the manifold, the thicker the wall thickness, longer service life; it’s more corrosion resistance;

  3. Look at the workmanship. Good workmanship of the manifold is one body, there is no welding, of course, the price of such a manifold is relatively high but good to avoid the risk of water leakage or seepage in the water distributor.

What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to When Installing the Manifold

  1. The first thing you need to pay attention to is reserve space for future operations. Since our manifold needs exhaust or other maintenance operations later, we need to leave corresponding space around the installation process.

  2. Second, the problem that needs to be paid attention to is that the manifold should be installed firmly. Because many of the walls are now a hollow brick, so it is said that the fixed manifold appeared to shake, and then caused the pipe interface to leak.

Benefits of Brass Manifold

Benefits of Brass Manifold

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