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Connecting Copper Pipe

Brass Compression Fittings Applications

Brass compression fittings are widely used in air conditioning, water supply, solar energy, and other fields. There are many ways to connect copper pipes, and the compression fittings connection is the traditional and classic connection, it is still in widespread use.

Brass compression fittings use a brass ring or copper ring as a sealing medium. It's a simple operation and easy to master, it is commonly used in the construction of the connection method. When the pipe fitting is assembled, the position of the ring is placed correctly and screws the nut tight, so that it can realize the tight connection of the copper pipe.

Working Principle of Brass Compression Fittings

The working principle of brass compression fitting is to insert the copper pipe into the sleeve, lock it with the sleeve nut, conflict the sleeve, cut into the pipe and seal it. Brass compression fittings have the characteristics of strong connection, high pressure resistance, good sealing and repeatability, convenient installation and maintenance, safe and reliable work, it does not need welding when connecting with copper pipe, which is conducive to fire prevention, explosion prevention and aerial work, and can eliminate the defects caused by careless welding. Therefore, it is a more advanced connector in the pipeline of automatic control devices for oil refining, chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, food, pharmaceutical, instrumentation and other systems. Suitable for oil, gas, water and other pipeline connections.

Simple installation of Brass Compression Fittings

  1. Cut the copper tube perpendicular to its axis using appropriate tools, remove any trimming carefully.

  2. Fit the nut and ring on the tube.

  3. Fit the tube on the body up to the mechanical stop.

  4. Tighten the nut by hand till it is possible then using the tool tighten the nut. 

Benefits of Brass Compression Fittings

Benefits of Brass Compression Fittings

Brass compression fittings have a simple structure, reliable sealing performance, are easy to use, excellent manufacturing, light, and beautiful appearance. No gasket, no welding, material saving, repeated assembly, and disassembly performance is good.

It does not need expansion and specific professional tools, only two adjustable spanners to complete the installation, so it is very easy to install, also has high-temperature resistance, environmental protection, and other characteristics.

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