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Connecting Multilayer Pipe

Always putting the quality into the first place, Sanfitec is confident to provide brass multilayer pipe fittings with high quality and unrivaled performance to meet customers demand. Sanfitec is dedicated to providing innovative products and solutions, knowledgeable support, and professional service to our customers. We test each multilayer pipe fitting during the production, and make quality control in forge, machine, assemble and all the processes to guarantee the quality of each product.

Brass Multilayer Fittings Applications

Brass multilayer fittings are widely used in cold and hot water and gas fields. The main material of multilayer pipe fittings is brass, and the O-ring material is EPDM or HNBR, it can resist high temperature, corrosion, and ageing, which can meet drinking water standards. The aluminum pipe used multilayer fittings which the basic composition is a special shaped pipe connector with O-ring in the U-type groove at the end. To assemble, insert the correct sized fittings to the pipe, and use the special tool to press, the pressure part of the multilayer pipe fittings, pipes are extruded into a wave shape, extrusion is to make the stainless steel sleeve deformation, the rubber ring plays a sealing role, and the pipe parts and pipes shrink at the same time, In order to achieve the fixed effect, to achieve the connection between the pipeline

Reliability Analysis of Brass Multilayer Compression Fittings Sealing

  1. Structure of Compression Fittings

The connection between the multilayer compression fittings and the aluminum pipes is thus achieved: Through the special clamp pressure tool, let the stainless steel set in the outer layer of the aluminum-plastic tube shrink, plastic deformation force the plastic layer of the inner wall of the aluminum-plastic tube to shrink and bite to the joint core outside the circular surface of the serrated ring groove because two types 0 rubber sealing ring design line diameter is greater than the outer diameter of the core.

  1. Self-sealing Effect of O-ring

Due to pressure deformation and sealing effect when O ring in the process of using. Therefore, a certain amount of compression must be maintained between the O ring and sealing surface during assembly, The elastic force produced by rubber compression always gives the sealing surface initial compression stress, so as to play a pre-sealing role, When the pre-sealed O ring is subjected to fluid pressure, the O ring is squeezed to the side of the groove, When the pressure increases, the 0 ring changes into a D shape and transfers the pressure to the contact surface. With the increase of fluid pressure, the greater the transfer pressure, the greater the sealing effect. This automatic enhancement of the sealing effect by the hydraulic fluid is called self-sealing effect.

  1. Design and Selection of Aluminum Pipe System

The aluminum pipe system adopts the compression pipe fitting technology with an inner rubber ring to solve the problem of water leakage caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction that has long plagued people. Overcome the designers to choose aluminum pipe system technical obstacles.

Benefits of Brass Multilayer Fittings

Benefits of Brass Multilayer Fittings

  • Safe and reliable, the serrated design of the head and highly contracted seal o-rings provides a supreme connection or the pipe and fittings.

  • Saving Cost, Compared with the traditional hexagon nut compression pipe fitting, we use the economical and practical stainless steel sleeve instead of the heavy and expensive brass hexagon nut, thus greatly saving the cost of the pipe fitting.

  • Installation stability, the traditional hexagon nut compression fittings are connected by thread, which is easy to get loose after a long time. It needs to be strengthened regularly, otherwise, it's easy to leak, and our new multilayer compression fittings are assembled with an economical and practical tool. Once assembled, the stability of the installation can be maintained without repeated reinforcement.

Sanfitec focuses on technological innovation, continuously introduces automation equipment, and strives to become a leading enterprise specialized for home heating connection system in the HVAC industry Welcome to contact us! We will try to be your best partner of brass fittings!
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