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Connecting Pert Pipe

Sanfitec treats every customer with the same, no matter customers are from small companies or large when customers are happy, we're happy.

Serve every customer with our heart, professionalism forging every product.

We strictly check every step, from the selection of raw material to the production process, and then deliver the goods from our factory.

All the pert pipe fittings are of a full inspection. It has not easy to leak, and high safety factor.

Create top-class quality and dedicated to supporting our customers worldwide.

Here are some pert pipe fittings for sale, we also provide OEM service, feel free to contact us if you have any needs.

Brass Pert Pipe Fittings Applications

Pert pipe fittings are mainly used for heating, suitable for connecting S5.0 specifications of pipe, mainly connected with PERT pipe or PEX pipe, its weight is relatively light, so the price is cheap, but the installation requirements are strict, skilled installation staff is needed, otherwise it is easy to pile or damage the pipe wall, The sleeve design can reduce the extrusion material produced by the sleeve and the round tooth part of the product in the process of extrusion during installation. After installation, the characteristics of the pert pipe fittings can be maintained without leakage.

Benefits of Brass Pert Pipe Fittings

Benefits of Brass Pert Pipe Fittings

The connection of sliding fitting is known as watertight because the way of connecting the sliding fitting is embedded in the pipe fitting sealing, simple process, intuitive inspection and reliable connection, quick installation, economic and aesthetic advantages, etc.

The slide fitting of Sanfitec, adopt a special sleeve design structure, the sleeve precision chamfer size and groove design to ensure that in the process of using the best sealing, Its sealing performance and safety, and reliability are much higher than similar pipe fitting products, and it is the first choice of high-quality special pipe engineering, especially suitable for high-temperature radiator heating system, hot water system, drinking water system, central air conditioning system, and so on, without potential leakage.

Sanfitec focuses on technological innovation, continuously introduces automation equipment, and strives to become a leading enterprise specialized for home heating connection system in the HVAC industry Welcome to contact us! We will try to be your best partner of brass fittings!
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