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Connecting PEX Pipe

Our factory is good at manufacturing brass pipe fittings, air fittings, hydraulic fittings, tube fittings, water supply system and so on, sample or drawing will be welcomed. We always try to reduce the cost to increase value for customers.

If you have a design challenge, we're ready. We have the expertise and capacity to take on your project challenge, whether the design is prototype-ready or still in the concept phase. For projects in the early phase, our engineers work closely with you to convert those ideas into final drawings. For projects further developed, we ensure part designs are optimized for full-scale production.

Here are some brass PEX fittings for sale, OEM service is avaliable, welcome to contact us.

Brass PEX Fitting Applications

Sanfitec brass PEX fittings whose raw material adopted meet the European standard CW617N, are suitable for connecting PEX tube of S5.0 specification. Tuning and reworking is the worst thing that can happen to most installers, but Sanfitec lite fittings are a completely visual connection. If you can see the shoulder of the Pex A ring touching the joint, the connection is correct.

Benefits of Brass PEX Fittings

Benefits of Brass PEX Fittings

The main features of lite fittings:

  • Quick installation and cheap price, only need to insert PEXA ring into the pipe, use the reamer to expand the pipe wide enough, insert the joint into the pipe until the shoulder of the memory ring touches the shoulder of the joint.

  • the connection is safer, the force on the head of the pipe fitting and sleeve is uniform and portable, without the use of O-ring

  • It has long service life and no leakage

Weakness: It can only connect Pex pipe, Requirements for pipe thickness shrinkage and memory. It is recommended to be used in a gel degree greater than 60%.

Sanfitec focuses on technological innovation, continuously introduces automation equipment, and strives to become a leading enterprise specialized for home heating connection system in the HVAC industry Welcome to contact us! We will try to be your best partner of brass fittings!
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