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KJSP Six-port Tisso Fittings

KJSP Six-port Tisso Fittings

Specification of KJSP Six-port Tisso Fittings


Features of KJSP Six-port Tisso Fittings

Material of KJSP Six-port Tisso Fittings

Body: CW617N/59-1
Decorative cover: Polycarbonat

Tool of KJSP Six-port Tisso Fittings

No tools required for installation

Superiority of KJSP Six-port Tisso Fittings

1.Double locking: the inner and outer teeth move synchronously, and the locking is firmer.
2.Double seal: Double O-ring seal, better leakage prevention than conventional single layer.
3.Break through the conventional point locking, firmer double-sided locking.
4.The visual hole and safety line are designed to visually detect if the installation is firm.
5.After installation, the joint can still be rotated 360 degrees, which is convenient for piping.

KJSP Six-port Tisso Fittings

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