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UPC Cross Lite Fittings

UPC Cross Lite Fittings

Specification of UPC Cross Lite Fittings


Features of UPC Cross Lite Fittings

Material of UPC Cross Lite Fittings

Body material: CW617N or Hpb58-3
Sleeve: Antioxidant Pex-a

Tool of UPC Cross Lite Fittings

The installation tool for this series is compatible with tools applied in this industry of international market.

The Superiority of UPC Cross Lite Fittings

The joint is much tighter with equal stress on the head part of the fitting and the sleeve.

Why Choose Sanfitec UPC Cross Lite Fittings

Lite fitting connection technology in Europe and North America are widely used in residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, domestic water heating, air conditioning system, it mainly relies on PE - X a memory ring pipe of heat memory characteristics and through the special tool for rapid expanding hole diameter and complete the connection of pipes and pipe fittings, 10 seconds to complete the connection and no leakage, It has the advantages of simple installation, exquisite design and cost effectiveness.

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