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UPR Ring Lite Fittings

UPR Ring Lite Fittings

Features of UPR Ring Lite Fittings

Material of UPR Ring Lite Fittings

Body material: CW617N or Hpb58-3
Sleeve: Antioxidant Pex-a

Tool of UPR Ring Lite Fittings

The installation tool for this serie is compatible with tools applied in this industry of international market.

The Superiority of UPR Ring Lite Fittings

The joint is much tighter with equal stress on the head part of the fitting and the sleeve.

Why Choose Sanfitec UPR Ring Lite Fittings

Sanfitec's lite fitting connection is a visual connection that saves the installer the hassle of adjustment and rework.

Sanfitec lite fittings features:

1. Quick installation and cheap price, only need to insert PEXA memory ring into the pipe, use the reamer to expand the pipe wide enough, insert the joint into the pipe until the shoulder of the memory ring touches the shoulder of the joint.

2. The connection is safer, the force on the head of the pipe fitting and the clamping part is uniform and portable, without the use of O-ring.

     3. Its long service life, no leakage.

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