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Classification and Functional Performance Requirements of Radiator Valve

The function of the radiator valve is to control the inlet and outlet water on the radiator, In heating, only need to control the inlet valve opening can control the temperature of the room, The return valve is normally open in the heating season and can only be closed during non-heating time and maintenance.

Ⅰ.Radiator Valve Classification

  • 1 Classification by shape: straight radiator valve, angle radiator valve

  • 2 Classified by control mode: manual temperature control valve, automatic temperature control valve.

  • 3 Classification by application scenario: inlet valve, return valve

Ⅱ.  Performance Requirements for Radiator Valves

  • 1 Sealing requirement

  • 2 Strength requirements

  • 3 Life requirements

  • 4 Other tests