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Comapny Culture | This is Sanfitec Style

The reason why Sanfitec can achieve phrased success lies in Sanfitec's unique company culture, which is the spirit and soul of the company. It provides the soil for technological progress, provides a stage for the development of talents, and facilitates the advancement of enterprises. When all is said and done, the competition of modern enterprises is the competition of company culture, and excellent company culture is strong productivity. Companies that rely on products can survive for one year and rely on people can survive for ten years. However, a company can survive for a hundred years relying on culture!

Company Culture

Company ExpectationDedicated, professional, devotional. We are always devoted to being a leading and high-quality brass manufacturing company in China.
Company MissionCreate high-quality products for customers and provide customers with high-quality one-stop service.
Company Value
Respect, innovation, responsible, win-win
RespectRespect clients. Clients are gods for a company.

Respect talents. Talents are the first productivity for a company.

Respect rivals. Rivals are the impetus for a company.
InnovationInnovation is the headspring of a company's life.
Be responsible for workTreat work with reverence and try to do your best for every detail.

Be responsible for results. Only being responsible for work can enhance ourselves.
Win-winOnly sharing can achieve win-win and long-term cooperation.