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Features of Slip-on Fittings

There are many advantages of slip-on fittings, such as the diameter design of the pipe fittings, the smooth inner wall, and the excellent water conservancy characteristics; the connection part has a certain flexibility, and has good bending resistance, etc.

The features of slip-on fittings are as follows:

1. Connect the sealing structure

The unique sliding ring design structure is adopted. The precise size of the sliding ring and the groove chamfer design ensure the best sealing performance during use. The sealing performance and safety and reliability are much higher than similar pipe fittings products. It is a high-quality special pipeline engineering. 

2. A wide range of applications

The slip-on fitting has strong applicability and wide application. It can meet the application environment of radiator heating, floor heating, household sanitary water supply and so on. The slip-on fitting has a compact structure and is suitable for surface installation and hidden burial, which greatly improves the application range of the brass pipe fitting.

3. Long service life

The slip-on fitting is maintenance-free and economical. In domestic water supply and drainage, domestic hot and cold water applications, it can have the same life as the building and does not need to be renewed and maintained.

4. Flexible installation

Slip-on fittings are designed to be simple and effective. During installation, a secure connection can be achieved simply by pushing in the slip-on ferrule.

5. Health and environmental protection

The sliding-tight fittings have a large sealing contact surface between the pipes, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of sewage outside the pipes. Pipe fittings made of environmentally friendly materials are easy to implement, and their hygienic performance reaches European drinking water standards, eliminating the problems of "red water" and "water with hideen danger" in the pipeline.

Brass is one of the most commonly used materials for making plumbing fittings. Brass has good corrosion resistance to water and heat, and resists erosion from salt and water acids, minerals and peaty soils. We can provide different certificates according to the requirements of different customers. Under the strict management of the whole company, our Sanfitec products sell well in domestic and international markets. "Quality First" has always been the philosophy of our company. Welcome to online consultation!