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Learning Activities of “New Employees Learning About Products and Technique in a Group”

Sanfitec carried out the enterprise visiting and learning activity of "new employees learning about products and technique in a group". It is aimed to provide new employees with a deeper understanding of the development history of the company and promote their understanding of the company's products and enhance their sense of honor and mission.

The activity was carried out by visiting production workshops, production technology laboratories, enterprise exhibition halls, and conducting on-site explanations. During the visiting process, technical leaders and training teachers from the company's production workshop gave answers to questions so that new employees could have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of Sanfitec.

Sanfitec is one of the professional brass compression fitting manufacturers in china, we will arrange learning activities for our employees. The visiting and learning activity was an important way for new employees to better understand the company and enhance cohesion and combat effectiveness. At the same time, each new employee seized the rare opportunity to visit and learn on-site. New employees communicated with relevant personnel on-site regarding the difficult problems in their positions. The purpose was to achieve quick problem solving and enable new employees to grow quickly and become qualified employees of Sanfitec.