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Overview of Brass Tube Fittings and Its Principles

Brass is a material that we all use for decoration. Its good thermal conductivity makes it favored by humans. And the joints of brass and brass also have strict regulations during decoration. Today, Sanfitec Brass will introduce the relevant knowledge of brass pipe joints in detail, hoping to help you.

1. Introduction of brass pipe joints

Brass pipe joint is a connecting tool between pipes and plays an indispensable role in pipe fittings. Brass pipe joints are widely used, and the connection forms include slip-on, ferrule, push-in or threaded connection and so on.

The structural form should adopt the metal surface contact sealing structure. The structural form of the gasket seal is usually used in general pipelines such as water, oil, and air, and is made of malleable cast iron. In addition, the use requirements and price are also factors to be considered when selecting.

2. Brass pipe joints

The traditional joint products between pipes are large and small sliding parts. The disadvantages of this type of connector are that the installation process is cumbersome, the installation and construction time is long, and the technical level of the construction personnel is relatively high. In response to these situations, sanfitec has specially developed a product that can achieve simple and fast installation and meet installation standards - "Tissot Quick Connect".

"Tissot quick connect" is our patented product, with self-locking mode, which can be inserted in place; with multiple locking design to prevent water leakage; special design, the higher the water pressure, the stronger the locking effect; Intuitively whether the internal installation is in place, effectively avoiding the hidden danger of water leakage; no special tools are required for installation, which greatly saves installation time and effectively saves labor costs.

The combination of "Tissot quick connection" and aluminum-plastic pipes, as a new connection method between water machine equipment and pipes, not only solves the hidden danger of condensation and water seepage caused by traditional hot-melt technology, but also fast and convenient installation.

The application direction of "Tissot quick connect" is very wide, in addition to heating system and refrigeration system, it can also be used in domestic water system.