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Types of Brass Coupling

Brass Coupling

High quality imported brass materials, fully equipped production equipment, high productivity, and strict QC process makes our fittings are welcome in all over the world, customers are satisfied with our quality and keep placing an order each month.

Brass is a commonly used material and fittings made of brass show various shapes and sizes. Manufacturers produce brass fittings for plumbers and construction professionals to choose. Brass coupling fittings can be further divided into brass hose coupling, brass meter coupling, etc.  

Brass hose coupling is required for gardening. To connect to a water meter installation, what you need is brass meter coupling. Brass pipe coupling is used especially for the carry of water, gases, chemicals or substances related to plumbing. Brass hose coupling is often required for gardening.

Types of Brass Coupling

Brass Pipe Coupling Applications

According to the features of brass coupling, there are brass female coupling and male coupling. While in terms of the application, there is brass reducer coupling, brass quick-release coupling, and so on. Here are some of the applications.

  • Brass threaded coupling is traditionally used for steel pipe that has threaded ends. Rigid plastic pipes and many other threaded fittings can also use brass thread coupling.

  • Brass shut-off coupling acts like a shut-off valve to adjust flow control, usually used at the hose faucet connection, or at the end of a hose sprinkler.

  • Water quick-release coupling is for cold and hot water or water with a cleaning agent by connecting hoses, water spray guns, and other accessories for spraying, cleaning, and washing.

Benefits of Brass Coupling

Benefits of Brass Coupling

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