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WNKYP Plug Multilayer Fittings

WNKYP Plug Multilayer Fittings

Specification of WNKYP Plug Multilayer Fittings


Features of WNKYP Plug Multilayer Fittings

Material of WNKYP Plug Multilayer Fittings

Body material: CW602N/CW617N/Hpb58-3;
Sleeve: AISI 304;
o-ring: HNBR or EPDM, Sleeve seat: PE

Tool of WNKYP Plug Multilayer Fittings

The installation tool for this series is compatible with tools applied in this industry of the international market. The installment is U/TH/H type.

The Superiority of WNKYP Plug Multilayer Fittings

1. The serrated design of the head and highly contracted seal o-rings provides supreme connection or the pipe and fittings.
2. The sleeve is made of stainless steel 304, designed in accordance with mechanical pressing formability and marked with the diameter of the pipe. Observation holes ensure proper installation of the pipe.
3. The o-ring is made of EPDM which is applicable to water and HNBR for fuel gas. Both meet HGfT3091-2000 standards.
4. The sleeve seat is made of PE, which fixes the sleeve and provides a convenient press connection while the pipe inserts the sleeve.

WNKYP Plug Multilayer Fittings

Why Choose Sanfitec WNKYP Plug Multilayer Fittings

The multilayer fittings have many advantages:

1. Stable performance

Our multilayer fittings can be installed, can also be buried, it is the best connection of aluminum pipe

2. Convenient installation

The construction efficiency is obviously improved. The entire process of pressing the multilayer fittings takes about 20 seconds to install one time, and the pressing can be completed in 3 seconds, but the entire process of sliding tight installation takes about 50 seconds.

3. High quality and low cost

Pipeline, pipe fitting, labor cost reduction. According to the calculation of conventional open heating, compared with the slide fitting process, the cost can be reduced (300 ~ 400 Yuan)/household.

4. Widely uses

A cold/hot water system, heating/cooling system, a gas system can be used.

Face up to the application of multilayer pipe fittings, improve tool upgrading and product installation application -- reduce costs and improve efficiency for the development of the industry.


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