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Sanfitec 2021 Outstanding Employee Recognition Conference

New Year's Elephant update, Sanfitec 2021 summary and commendation meeting was grandly held in our factory, success is accompanied by hardships, joy is accompanied by sweat, Sanfitec family gather together to look back on the glory and look forward to the future. The annual meeting marks the end of the company's one-year work, At the same time it is the beginning of a new year. Holding a grand and unforgettable annual meeting to enhance communication and exchange among employees, enhance teamwork awareness among employees, and at the same time affirm excellent employees.


No effort, no harvest, embrace the joy of a bumper harvest, we gathered together with a joyful mood and a happy rhythm, showing our sincere touch in silence, and the award ceremony kicked off.

At the banquet, the "platoons of all departments" thanked the wine and hid the deepest emotions in the moment when the glass of wine entered the throat. Touched, excited, excited, the lottery, and the awarding session pushed the lively atmosphere of the entire family banquet to a climax. The grand prizes continued, and hundreds of prizes were given out. Screams and shouts resounded throughout the venue.


Farewell to 2021 with great achievements, welcome to 2022 full of hope, looking forward to the new year, Sanfitec, always pursuing to be one of the leading brass fittings suppliers in the world, will continue to develop and innovate, in the new year, new transcendence, new breakthrough, Sanfitec will go hand in hand with the family and move forward firmly Pace, accompanied by vigorous vigor, together to create a better tomorrow, 2022, come on!