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Sanfitec: High-quality Brass Pipe Fittings for Global Manufacturers

China Import and Export Fair is held twice a year. When the world once again focused its attention on "China's No. 1 Fair", the 131st China Import and Export Fair once again surprised global traders.

In 10 days, purchasers from 10,000 domestic and foreign exhibitors gathered on the online platform to work together to "stabilize the chain and trade". This showcased the latest, strongest and highest level of Chinese manufacturing, and also demonstrated China's determination to open up and cooperate with the world. The attitude of world cooperation and win-win has always been the same.

Sanfitec has participated in China Import and Export Fair since the 111th, which is nearly for 20 times. By displaying our products and communicating face-to-face with customers, we can attract interested customers and promote orders in the shortest possible time.

The products displayed by our company at this exhibition include UPONOR series quick and easy rings, large sliding tight, small sliding tight, heating valve, manifold and sub-catchment series. And we brought the company's popular product: large sliding tight fittings to the exhibition. The large sliding tight series products adopt the German classic large sliding tight design, the raw material adopts the European standard grade CW617N; the thread adopts the ISO228-1 standard thread; it is suitable for connecting the PEX pipe or aluminum plastic pipe of S3.2 specification. The special bevel design of the ferrule can prevent excessive extrusion and accumulation during the sliding installation process. The installation is simple, the connection is stable and reliable, and the hidden danger of leakage is eliminated. Welcome customers from all over the world to contact us for mutual benefit!

2. Why do foreign customers choose to purchase brass pipe fittings in China?

Because China has a complete supply chain from heat treatment to surface treatment and manual work.

The first advantage is the low labor cost.

The second advantage is that China has a strong industrial chain and a perfect infrastructure.

The third advantage is that the production is relatively concentrated.

3. Which Chinese supplier of brass pipe fittings is good?

Ji'an Sanfitec Brass Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the inland city of Ji'an, Jiangxi Province. It has stable employees and automated equipment. Every link from raw materials to finished products is controlled by its own internal quality control system. All links have a cost advantage. With 20 years of experience in manufacturing brass pipe fittings, we can ensure product quality. Our products are favored by developed countries in Europe, America, as well as Australia, and Russia. The company produces a wide variety of brass pipe fittings, which can be independently developed. Besides, we provide OEM service for domestic and foreign customers. The pipe fittings are widely used in fields of heating, water supply, gas, etc.

4. Find the top brass pipe fitting manufacturer

Choosing the correct brass pipe fittings is an important decision to ensure the smooth flow of water, gas, etc. from corner to corner. Sanfitec is a professional manufacturer of brass machining parts, hot forgings, brass pipe fittings, and accessories.

We have three advantages:

(1) We are good at customizing products. We provide one-stop manufacturing services, including design, processing, inspection, packaging, and meeting customer needs.

(2) We will help you make drawings or designs for free. We have highly skilled engineers and professionals in the fields of R&D, material knowledge, machining materials, product quality requirements, and standards.

(3) Sanfitec ensures that high-quality products are provided at a low cost.

We have high-quality staff and high-tech mechanical assembly equipment as well as inspection and control facilities to ensure "Sanfitec quality" and provide you with perfect service.

Sanfitec is your reliable partner for brass products.