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Sanfitec new employee induction training~Training is the productivity of the enterprise and the multiplication of professional ability

As the saying goes: today's efforts, tomorrow's return, build the Great Wall of knowledge, and revive the benefits of enterprises.

With the continuous expansion of the scale of the enterprise and the pursuit for being a leading brass fittings manufacturer, our company has introduced a group of new employees. In order to promote the new employees to integrate into the work faster, sanfitec can quickly take up their positions, improve work efficiency, and achieve better work performance, which has achieved twice the result with half the effort. . A new employee induction training meeting will be held in the conference room at 1:00 p.m. on April 6, 2022.


The main contents of this new employee training include:

1. Introduce the development history, purpose, scale and development prospects of the enterprise, motivate employees to work actively, and contribute to the prosperity of the enterprise

2. Introduce the company's rules and regulations and job responsibilities, so that employees can self-learn to abide by the company's rules at work, and all work is handled according to the rules, standards, procedures and systems formulated by the company.

3. Introduce the company's business scope, main products, market positioning, etc., and enhance the market awareness of new employees.

4. Introduce the safety measures of the enterprise, let employees understand the content of safety work, how to do a good job in safety work, how to find and deal with problems in safety work, and improve their safety awareness.

5. Let new employees understand the job process that they need to know in the daily work process, so that they can integrate into the work faster