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Sanfitec Successfully Passed the National Review of New And High Technology Enterprises

Recently, Sanfitec successfully passed the national Review of New And High Technology Enterprises. It marked that the company's high-tech products, innovative strength and other aspects have been recognized by authority, which highlighted the comprehensive strength and technological innovation level of the company.

In the past year, the company's technology research and development team continued to increase technological innovation. Sanfitec has received a number of scientific and technological achievements such as the Innovation Fund for Small And Medium-sized Technology-based Firms as well as the Science and Technology Award for Development of Integrated Plumbing And Floor Heating Water Separators. In addition, the company has obtained a number of patented technologies such as globe valves with check function, leak-proof crimping pipe fittings, and simple static balance valves with good sealing.

Sanfitec will continue to launch more competitive China brass fitting and become the most respectable company in the brass fitting industry.