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Sanfitec Won the 2020 Jiangxi Province Small and Medium Enterprises Award

Congratulations to Sanfitec for winning the honor of being a small and medium-sized enterprise with the characteristics of "professionalization, refinement, specialization and innovation".

"Professionalization": This reflects the professionalism of Sanfitec's production process, the exclusiveness of technology and the advantages of professional development in the product segment market.

"Refinement": Sanfitec has established a sophisticated and efficient management system and process in accordance with the concept of excellence. Through refined management, Sanfitec has carefully designed and produced sophisticated products, which reflects the sophistication of Sanfitec products, the sophistication of process technology and the meticulous management of the enterprise.

"Specialization": Sanfitec, a professional brass fittings factory employs unique craftsmanship and technology to differentiate products and services.

"Innovation": Sanfitec relies on independent innovation, introduces new technologies for R&D and production, and produces high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights.