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Sanfitec's Corporate Culture: National Fitness Games

In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, enhance and improve their physical quality and physical and mental health, fully demonstrate the good mental outlook of our employees, and continuously improve their fitness awareness, our company participated in the 2021 National Fitness Games in Jinggangshan Economic Development Zone.

The participants of the Games were mainly employees of schools, hospitals, banks and enterprises in the parks in various jurisdictions. The competition items include tug-of-war, table tennis, group skipping and other items.

Our staff actively participated in this fitness games. From the beginning to the end of the Games, every athlete and every team participating in the competition affects the heartstrings of the employees present. During the tug-of-war, employees cheered, cheered, and cheered for each other. Through this sports meeting, the cohesion within the department has increased, showing the employees' spirit of being positive, tenacious, and never giving up. Adhering to the principle of friendship first and competition second, the company has built a stage for employees to enhance friendship and temper their will, and provide a platform for "happy sports, healthy sports".