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Sanfitec’s Happy Trip to Sanya | Love Life, Love Work

At the beginning of September 2021, Sanfitec organized a group trip to Santa for all employees. The aim was to enrich the corporate cultural life and relieve the work pressure of employees, especially those at the production frontline.

When it comes to Sanya, people think about leisure, vacations, sunbathing, sunshine, beaches and bikinis. However, Sanya has lots of islands. Sanya attracts the most tourists in winter since people desire to find a warm place in the cold winter. Wuzhizhou Island is a popular island of Sanya, and it can be compared with the Maldives. It is a must-visit place for every tourist who comes to Sanya, it can be called a good place in Sanya to tick off.

On September 9, the first group of tourists gathered in the company at 8:00 a.m. and the bus departed at 8:30. Then, after more than an hour's flight, we arrived at the destination smoothly. We first checked into the hotel which has seascape rooms, and then we went to the Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, where we visited the first glass plank road with full sea views in Hainan. It is composed of a colorful ladder, rainbow gate, colorful lotus Buddha platform, volley observation tower, etc., and it has a total length of more than 400 meters. In addition to the thrilling and excitement, visitors can feel the beautiful scenery of "the best bay in the world-Yalong Bay" at 360°, especially when the blue sky and white clouds are reflected at their feet, it is even more dreamlike and like a fairyland on earth.

The next day we came to Wuzhizhou Island. The white sand beach of Wuzhizhou Island is uniform and fine, and the sea with high visibility and distinct layers are bright and beautiful. In the evening, we ate the four famous dishes from Hainan. After dinner, we visited the Luhuitou Scenic Area and enjoyed the night view while chatting with each other.

On the third day, we visited Tianya Haijiao, which is a popular place for visiting. We felt the fantastic magic and mystery of Tianya Haijiao. Some colleagues relaxed and enjoyed sunbathing under beautiful parasols on the beach. The sea was also full of people, they threw themselves into the arms of the sea and experienced its vastness. In addition, some colleagues took their children to play in different shallow pools and water castles, and enjoyed happy moments on the beach in summer…

The three-day trip went fast and our leisure time ended in this exciting and enjoyable experience. The autumn of 2021 left a good memory for everyone.

Sanfitec, a professional brass fittings factory in China, organizes a group trip for all employees every spring or summer, and it is maintained and implemented as a benefit. At the same time, the company rewards outstanding employees at the end of the year, in this way everyone can truly feel the glory and pride of being an employee of Sanfitec. After a short relaxing trip, employees will work hard with more full and positive enthusiasm for the company.