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Tisso Fittings: Contributing to Peak Season Heating

Autumn is the best season to install underfloor heating. Today, September and October are no longer the golden periods for the real estate market, and it is an even more important period for the home improvement industry downstream of the real estate. Today, Sanfitec will talk to you about how Tisso fittings help to install in the peak heating season.

No water leaks!

1. The imported high-quality EPDM sealing ring for double sealing is used in Sanfitec's Tisso fitting. The sealing ring is resistant to the high temperature of 150 °C, low temperature of -40 °C, and aging resistance.

2. Double elastic locking of internal and external misaligned teeth. When the force is applied, the internal teeth are outward and the external teeth are inward, and the two-way locking tube wall is more firm.

3. Visual hole design helps workers to easily determine whether the installation is in place.

Long life!

The PEX aluminum-plastic pipes and PEX pure plastic pipes used in conjunction with Sanfitec Tisso fittings have passed the national 5,000-time cold and hot water cycle test. This is the most authoritative test for the service life of pipe fittings, and our company guarantees 10 years for the correct pipe connection.

Complete assortment!

Sanfitec's Tisso fittings are available in a wide range of specifications. There are commonly used elbow, tee, six-way, and inner and outer wire pipe fittings, as well as the style of the inner screw extension elbow and the inner screw tee. Complete specifications help make the installation safer and more beautiful.