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Under the Epidemic Situation, Sanfitec Introduced New Automation Equipment

1. How did the manufacturer of brass tube fittings Sanfitec face the challenge of the epidemic?

From the outbreak of the epidemic to the present, the speed of information dissemination and the efficient management and control efficiency of relevant departments in a short time is very amazing. This is a comprehensive manifestation of the effective development of the entire country, social organizations, and various industries in combating emergencies.

2. As a manufacturer of brass pipe fittings in China, how should Sanfitec respond?

(1) Adjust mentality and actively respond to crises

The impact of the epidemic is indeed anxious. But since it has become a reality, brass pipe fittings manufacturers should cope with the challenge, adjust mentality, and actively engage in work.

(2) Turn offense to defense, practice internal strength

While doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, companies need to focus on performance to prevent its decline. We must do a good job in recovering the cash reserves in the up-cycle of the performance camp, improve the organization and management capabilities, and the skills and quality of the employees, so as to gather people's hearts.

(3) Seize the moment, do a good job of business addition and subtraction, plan for the long-term and find new growth points while stabilizing old customers.

3. Sanfitec introduced new automation equipment to help upgrade the quality of brass pipe fittings

The epidemic has brought not only challenges to enterprises, but also new opportunities. Under the severe epidemic situation in other countries, the development of China's manufacturing industry has not fallen behind. Guests from all over the world have set their sights on China's manufacturing industries, and various production companies are in a busy state. To respond to and meet customer delivery requirements, our company continues to introduce automation equipment, which greatly improves the production capacity and efficiency, which also greatly enhances the company's market competitiveness. Sanfitec adopts advanced equipment and strives to improve production technology and craftsmanship to improve the quality and production efficiency of brass pipe fittings.