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What Are the Advantages of Brass Pipe Fittings over Other Fittings?

In a piping system, multiple pipes and pipe sections need to be connected to each other to make the system work effectively. This purpose is achieved by pipe fittings, which are specially used to connect straight pipe sections and pipes of different shapes and sizes.

Brass pipe fittings will not be corroded in an environment with fresh water and air, and their thermal conductivity is also very good. The advantages of brass fittings are as follows:

1. Brass pipe fittings are resistant to high temperature

Brass fittings not only have the advantages of general metal pipes, but also the advantages of other pipes. The material of brass fittings is much harder than plastic. Compared with other metals, brass pipe fittings have simple twists and turns, are more convenient to process, and can withstand cold environments; brass pipe fittings can also be used normally in high-pressure environments, and will not be deformed or cracked due to high pressure.

2. Brass pipe fittings have good stability

Brass fittings can be used normally in relatively high temperature environments. Brass pipe fittings will not be aging, will not burn in fire, will not affect people's health, and are stable, and will not corrode. The water can move in all directions within the pipe without putting too much pressure on the pipe wall.

3. The protective layer of brass fittings can prevent water pollution

There will be a very strong protective layer on the product, nothing will pass through, and there will be no adverse effects such as water pollution due to corrosion and softening of the surface of the copper pipe.