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What Are the Components of Brass Tube Fittings?

Brass plumbing fittings have many parts. What are these parts? The brass fitting parts are as follows:

1. Brass tube fittings: Coupling

Brass coupling is a part to connect two pipes. You can get these components in different lengths and sizes in Sanfitec.

2. Brass tube fittings: Plug

The brass plugs are basically a kind of tube, which are used to connect two fittings and are most commonly used in piping solutions, which are made of copper or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.

3. Brass tube fittings: Tee

Tee is another kind of important brass plumbing fittings used to provide a stable flow of any liquid.

4. Brass tube fittings: Reducer

When connecting two pipes of different widths, you can use a reducer.

5. Brass tube fittings: Elbow

This part has the shape of a human elbow, which is used to change the direction of the tube by 45° or 90°.

6. Brass tube fittings: Brass cross

As the name suggests, this component has a cross shape with four branches in opposite directions. One of the four crosses is used as the entrance, while the remaining three branches are used as the exit.

7. Brass tube fittings: Union

During maintenance or replacement of the fixture, the tube needs to be disconnected. Union is a part used to disconnect tubes for the above-mentioned purposes.