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What Are the Procedures for Sanfitec to Make Brass Pipe Fittings?

Ⅰ. Sanfitec, the manufacturer of brass pipe fittings, offers a full range of brass fittings

Sanfitec can design a whole set of specialized brass pipe fittings for you according to your requirements and piping needs, or even for other types of industries. Our company has an experienced R&D team, strong production strength, high-quality management team, one-stop service. Therefore, choosing Sanfitec will save your time, effort and worry, who will provide every customer with accompanying services, help every customer develop a larger market.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of Sanfitec, a manufacturer of high-quality brass pipe fittings?

First, the geographical advantage of Sanfitec

1. Sanfitec is located in Ji'an, Jiangxi Province. Most of our company has local employees, so the labor force is relatively stable.

2. Low cost. The labor cost in Jiangxi is lower than that in Yuhuan, Zhejiang.

3. Lots of government subsidies and supportive policies

Second, bonded operations (because we import copper scrap from abroad, and then have our own copper regeneration technology and equipment).

Third, product focus (our company is a professional brass pipe fittings factory. We boast a full range of products, so we can provide one-stop service. We not only can provide OEM service, but also can design a complete set of specialized brass pipe fittings for you according to your piping needs).

Fourth, we have nearly 20 years of experience in serving developed markets in terms of product quality.

Ⅲ. The specific manufacturing process of Sanfitec brass pipe fittings is as follows

1. Copper regeneration for brass pipe fittings

The copper regeneration workshop recycles all the copper powder left after processing, and regenerates the copper rods through the furnace and professional technology. In order to stabilize the quality of copper rods, each batch of copper rods produced by the company must be tested by a spectrometer until all components of the copper rods meet the standards.

2. Unloading for brass pipe fittings

The copper rods are unloaded according to the specific product category and size.

3. Red punching

The red punching workshop can perform high temperature forming on the cut brass pipe fittings, and then temper the forged products to remove the hard force and ensure that the products do not crack.

4. Machining of brass pipe fittings

The CNC machine tool workshop has more than 120 CNC machine tools, 34 long-feeding machines, and the monthly output of the factory is 180 tons, which shortens the delivery period and achieves efficient production.

5. Assembly of brass pipe fittings

After checking the semi-finished product, start the assembly.

6. Packaging of brass pipe fittings

After the brass pipe fittings are assembled, according to the needs of different products, some will go through the process of measuring the pressure before packaging. Then the products are packaged according to the different needs of each customer.

7. QC inspection of brass pipe fittings

After the products are packaged, QC will do the corresponding inspection, and the qualified stamp will be stamped on the carton, and then the product will be packed up.

8. Delivery of brass pipe fittings